Ignacio Torres

Ignacio is a highly experienced teaching professional who has a lot of knowledge in coaching. Ignacio has worked with Spanish nationally ranked juniors and professional tennis players ranked within the top 50 in Spain.

Between 2001-2002 he was a National Tennis Coach at the National Spanish Tennis Federation in Madrid and then worked at Riojana Tennis Federation High Performance Centre. He became the performance centre’s Technician in Physical Sport Awareness.

Ignacio has a physical education degree. To be a top tennis player you have to spend huge amounts of time developing your physical abilities. The era of relying only on skillset is over; and every player from club player to performance level will hugely benefit from Ignacio’s knowledge. Tennis is a sport that relies on short, sharp sprints and constant changes in technique. Focussing just on racket technique will not get you to the next level.

Apart from being an excellent tennis coach Ignacio has a proven track record of also developing player’s movement and footwork which is a key component of excelling in tennis.

Mob 07904 433 820